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Defriending Your BFF on the Interweb | Under Solen Media LLC

Defriending Your BFF on the Interweb

Think back to a time before Facebook was mentioned at least daily in the newspaper… Can’t? Well, once upon a time, that was the case.

But in case you were still on the fence about social media becoming a constant part of our collective consciousness, take a look at some of the new words added to the New Oxford American Dictionary:

  • BFF n. (pl. BFFsinformal a girl’s best friend: my BFF’s boyfriend is cheating on her.
  • – ORIGIN 1996: from the initial letters of best friend forever.
  • defriend v. another term for unfriend.
  • hashtag n. (on social networking websites such as Twitter) a hash or pound sign (#) used to identify a particular keyword or phrase in a posting.
  • Interweb n. humorous the Internet.
  • social media n. [treated as sing. or pl.] websites and applications used for social networking.
  • tag cloud n. a visual depiction of the word content of a website, or of user-generated tags attached to online content, typically using color and font size to represent the prominence or frequency of the words or tags depicted.

Which raises the question: just how do you politely defriend your BFF on the interweb?

Check out the full list of words here.

Via: Oxford University Press

Image: net_efekt


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