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Friday Faves: Bikes, Birthdays and Bananas

It’s finally April! Does that mean everlasting sunshine and spring flowers? We hope so!

And because it’s officially spring, that means it’s time to start biking full-time. No more weather-related excuses, now is the season for riding!

Want to really take full advantage of the first full month of spring? Then take part in 30 Days of Biking, a rad initiative that we came across yesterday, which is encouraging people to get on their bikes every day during the 30 days of the month. The campaign is taking place — guess where? — Twitter. To take part, visit the site, make sure to hop on your bike at least once a day and use the hashtag #30daysofbiking.

Photo courtesy of Epic Wheel Works

A big fat Happy Birthday goes out to our favorite local bike company, Epic Wheel Works. The custom wheel building outfit turned one on Thursday. A woman-run show, we dig Epic and their beautiful wheels, which will soon be seen on the Under Solen bikes. Just you wait…

There were also some good April Fools posts yesterday, here are some faves, mostly because they’re very tongue-in-cheek:

Spill, Baby Spill! Obama to Give Salmon a River to Run!

PETA Launches Campaign in Response to Real Fur Snuggies

Starbucks Listens to Request From Customers for More Sizes

Pregnant Woman to Climb Everest, Fetus to Be Youngest Ever on Summit

And because we can’t leave you without a video for the weekend, here’s this week’s taste of ridiculousness: Svennebanan, the Swedish term for Joe Sixpack or something similar. Literally translated, “Swedish Banana.”


Enjoy your weekend!!