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Friday Faves: Trusting, Supporting and Leaping

As we mentioned earlier this week, we’re celebrating Under Solen’s 1 year anniversary this month. It has reminded us of the importance of trusting, supporting and leaping… every chance we get. Which is why we’re always excited to see other people doing the same thing.

Last week Matador announced that they’ll be launching a print magazine next spring. Some people might say they’re crazy, but we’re pretty sure Matador knows damn well what they’re doing. With a tagline of “The Topography of Living” Beta will be all about the real sides of travel. We can’t count the amount of times we hear the words “print is dead,” but working in the world of new media we see, more often than not, people being overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s out there. Sensory overload. But print is different.

You sit down with it, take time to peruse it, tune out everything else around you and dive right on in. When you read something in print, you can’t multitask. You can’t open another tab to check an RSS feed. You can’t email your friend a link. You have to engage solely with what’s in front of you, and in an era where we’re constantly¬†inundated¬†with information 24 hours a day, our brains need this kind of simplicity. And that’s why print will still succeed. Especially when it’s thought-provoking, smart, creative and inspirational, all of which Beta promises to be. As David Miller likes to say: “big up.”

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s the all-digital world, and that’s where Elephant Journal comes in. “Ele” as it’s called internally has become a constant source of inspiration here at HQ. So much so that we’ve gotten a lot of our favorite people to start writing for it. Talk about leaping — at one point Editor in Chief Waylon Lewis was in risk of having his house foreclosed on, all because he decided to give up his revenue driving print magazine for an all digital, independent media platform. But it’s worked. And it’s all because Waylon has faith in the community of supporters he’s worked so hard to build. Elephant’s vision is a constant reminder of how we can all actively take part in making a more conscientious, caring world.

But these two platforms are more than just media entities with single names — they are both made up of dozens of individuals and thousands of supporters. They represent the power in a collective spirit. That’s the amazing thing about the time that we live in. It’s all about community. Creating a support system that allows you to leap.

We’ve had many emails and comments this week to congratulate us on being in business one year. Sure, it’s a hard economy and keeping a business alive is a great thing and that entails a lot of everyday work, but ultimately, the success of the projects that we work on has little to do with our own individual efforts and much more to do with our ever-supportive network of friends, clients, and individuals who keep believing that small steps really can make positive change.

So trust, support and leap. Everyday.